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Touch the post apocalyptic reality, where nature takes back all areas whew human had been living. After explosion Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plat part of Ukrainian area became abandoned, barbed wire fenced and limited to visit.

Only few years ago became possible to visit Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by official way. Also there is a lot of stalker-guides who will take you to unofficial trip)


How to Explore Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

Stalker Walking Tour
In Ukraine exist numerous members subculture of stalkers – people who are visiting Chernobyl Zone by their own. If you are adventurer and well-prepared for long walking and living few days outdoor we can take you to Stalker Photo Expedition to Chernobyl Zone, where you will live few days in Prypiat and climb on radar station DUGA-1.
Did you hear about hidden life of Pripyat? At nights real stalkers cross the border to feel postapocalyptical world, where nature takes back all areas where human had been living. When sun goes down they wake up and go throw the empty streets of ghost city.
Guided through the Exclusion Zone in this adventure you will touch something more than people usually see:
– meet real stalker subculture;
– survive in postapocalyptical world;
– walk near 50 kilometers in 4 days throw most unseen locations of Chernobyl Zone.
  • You will be provided with personal guide-stalker, food during the route and transport to the border of Chernobyl Zone
  • we play honest and we don’t need any money in advance from you. 50% before trip (in Kiev) 50% after, only cash.
One-day Private tours to Exclusion Zone

If you don’t have a lot of time in Ukraine we can offer you one-day tours to visit Chernobyl zone.

  • If you are solo-traveller and looking for cheap prices, we will help you to find your place in regular bus-tours on days of your journey.
  • If you traveling with friends maybe will be better to organize visiting of Chernobyl Zone only for you? Contact us, we will help you)

During official visit you will be provided with full pack of service: transport, food, insurance, english-speaking guide.

Several Days Tours

One day tours can give you only superficial impression about Chernobyl Zone, because on major locations you will be only few hours. To dive deeper in unique atmosphere and history of liquidation minimal time is two days.

Tell us dates of the desired trip and we will help you to choose optimal variant.

We can offer you one-, two-, three and more scheduled and private tours on request. Jst touch with us)