catacombs-_IGP3730 Odessa Catacombs 02/05/18
catacombs-_IGP3733 Odessa Catacombs 02/05/18
catacombs-_IGP3747 Odessa Catacombs 02/05/18
catacombs-_IGP3697 Odessa Catacombs 02/05/18

Ready for the total immersion 60 meters deep to explore biggest in the world labyrinth? More than 2600 kilometers of abandoned mines under Odessa and around.

Underground world of the XIX century smugglers, WW II partisans, miners and Cold War bunkers – here is deep underground hidden page of Odessa history.
Depend of your time and interests we will create itinerary to make your visit more yourself-oriented. Contact us!

Choose your tour

2+ Days Photo Expedition to wild part of Catacombs

There is only one way to get real experience from Catacombs – stay underground for sleeping, eat and drink in underground base camp, explore labyrinth with experienced guide!

Private 4-hours tour to Odessa Catacombs

Here is a short 4-hours introduction to the underground world of Odessa.

During the tour you’ll visit 2 bunkers constructed during the Cold War period. You’ll see carst caves which are more than 3 mln years old. We’ll show you undergroud museums dedicated to the war and criminals. You’ll see undergroud lakes and rivers.

Odessa Catacombs + Missile Base 2-days Tour start from Kiev

If you have two days in Ukraine and want to do something really cool we can make 100% action. Tour start in Kiev, you will visit missile base museum and spend night in Odessa catacombs.