What do you know about City? Streets where we walk. Buildings where we leave.
Behind the edge of knowledge exist another side: under streets for hundreds kilometers tunnels of underground rivers, drain systems, engeneering communications. Somethimes we can found abandoned Cold War Bunkers – its like a time capsule, wich still standing in soviet times. Metro tunnels is the biggest bunker in Kiev.
To show you Kiev from another side we developed these uerbex tour.

We will meet on exit from metro station “Dnipro” which on a red line, near ticket office.
First object Drain System “Nikolskaya” – oldest part of more than 50 kilometers long Kiev draining system. Big part of the system was built in 1916. It’s the best excursion to visit city underground if you haven’t experience in Urban Exploration. During 2 hours tour you will:
– know everything about Kiev subterranean world and post-Soviet Urban Exploration;
– do route near one kilometer long thru the different type of tunnels;
– see the biggest underground waterfall in Kiev and meet absolutely darkness.


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Depends on a weather tour to tunnel system can be changed to Underground River Klov. Klov is the major and most interesting underground river in Kiev. During tour we will go underground near 5 kilometers by foot from “Olympiyska” metro station to Kreschatyk street. Tunnels under Kreschatyk were built in the middle of XIX-th century. It’s necessary to get taller boots and flashlights, as have virtually the entire route to go in calf in water ( 10-30 cm depth ) . During the excursion in the dungeon you will hear about the methods of construction and operation of underground plumbing and see that part of city ordinary people have no idea about.
In this tour you:
– will know everything about urban exploration in post-soviet countries
– will walk near 2,5-5 km through the tunnels
– is the best way to visit “non touristic” city underground

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For the end of urban tour we will climb to the rooftop of abandoned building to feel heights and see the city center.

What is included:

– Friendly English-speaking guide
– Special military gum boots and torches

To ask about tour details and conditions please contact us by e-mail:

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