Exploring of city subterranean world – the most interesting thing in Urban Exploration.
Drain System “Nikolskaya” – oldest part of more than 50 kilometers long Kiev draining system. Big part of the system was built in 1916. It’s the best excursion to visit city underground if you haven’t experience in Urban Exploration. During 2 hours tour you will:
– know everything about Kiev subterranean world and post-Soviet Urban Exploration;
– do route near one kilometer long thru the different type of tunnels;
– see the biggest underground waterfall in Kiev and meet absolutely darkness.

The majour idea of these guided tour – to show you that city is much bigger than you thought before and under each manhole in the city can be adventures.

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Varning: these is tour only for people who haven’t claustrophoby and obesity.

Tips and Suggestions:
– Part of the route we will go throy the low-lewel tunnels 1,6 meter height. Don’t keep with you massive bagpacks.
– Keep with you comfortable clothes, that you will not very upset to make a little dirty

What is included:
– Friendly English-speaking guide
– Special military gum boots and tourches
– Photo-shooting for a good memories

* Individual tour in one object for 1-2 persons cost 50 euro.
* Individual tour in one object for 3-12 persons cost 25 euro per person.

Too book this tour and to clarify all details please contact us on info@another.kiev.ua
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