Exclusion Zone Exploration by stalker eyes – is only one way to have absolutely unique experience and feel abandoned world. You will do by foot near 120 kilometers in 5 days thru the wild forests and abandoned villages to ghost city and will visit all most interesting attractions on a way. You will climb to the top of radar station «Duga» to see sunrise!
This 5-6 days trekking tour is for well prepared explorers who understand what is they doing.




So, what is the plan?
We can pick you up in airport and after preparations will drop you to the border of exclusion zone at night. With guide you will cross the border and will walk to abandoned village for taking a rest. Stalkers walking at night and sleeping at day, so next three days you will leave in abandoned city and exploring most interesting places. After at night you will have trekking to Duga Radar Station and will climb on the top to see sunrise. After we will pick you up near the border. Food and transportation included to the tour.




Water you will drink from clean places and after filtering it’s possible to drink. Food we will hide for you in the cashes so you don’t need to hike with heavy backpack.


What do you need for the tour?
– seasonal sleeping bag and math;
– two pairs of shoes (running sneakers and light trekking boots);
– seasonal dark colors clothes
– 45-65 liters bagpack.
– headlight and camping kit (cup, bowl, spoon)


About details, prices and choosing program please contact us via e-mail info@another.kiev.ua or direct message in our Facebook page.