Odessa Catacombs – is longest in the world labyrinth created by human hands. In total system has near 2500 kilometers of abandoned mine tunnels. With guide you will go underground for 1-3 days. You will leave in underground base camp far from the surface and will have unique experience in absolutely darkness. During the tour you will have full course of foto-shooting and light painting. We can organize for you few variants exploring of Odessa Catacombs for groups from 4 to 15 people. Starting from Kiev by bus/train/plain.


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What is the plan?

First we will try to understand what are you looking for in Odessa Catacombs and will make route depend of your needs (extreme or historical traveling, photography, etc). We will help you to book tickets on train/plain or transfer by bus. In Odessa city-center first you will have 4 hour tour to 19-kilometers long catacomb system Osypenka with exhibition made inside by explorers of catacombs. After that you will go to «Wild Catacombs» district 900 kilometers long to stay there for a 1-3 days. You will live on underground base camp and will have walking and foto-tours.
After Catacombs you will see sunset from one of the rooftops near the sea.


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In case if you will book a tour with transfer by our car or bus from Kiev on a way you will visit Strategic Missile Forces Base on a way.


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About details, prices and choosing program please contact us via e-mail info@another.kiev.ua or direct message in our Facebook page.